CBD Collection Law



With the rise of medical and recreational marijuana across the nation, there has been an increasing interest in CBD or Cannabidiol.  As this product becomes more and more popular for its potential health benefits, it has become increasingly important for companies supplying CBD to customers to have a means of collecting unpaid fees.  It is also important for these collection agencies to have expertise in the insurance laws surrounding CBD and marijuana. 

What is CBD? 

Cannabis is a complex plant with complex chemistry.  Some of the chemical compounds inside the plant are psychoactive and get a user “high”. Other chemicals are found in both cannabis and hemp plants and have no psychoactive effects but may aid in pain relief as well as treatment for other ailments.  Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most promising non-psychoactive compounds inside of a cannabis plant.  CBD has been studied for use in patients experiencing chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and some cancers.   


Because it has no active properties on users, CBD has been able to remain legal in most states, circumventing local laws against marijuana and cannabis.  Most states allow people to use CBD products for therapeutic purposes; this includes both states where medical marijuana is legal, as well as those where it is not yet legal.  In most cases, the CBD used by patients originates in hemp instead of marijuana.  Most states regulate the use of CBD based on how much THC or active chemicals are found in CBD and allow CBD to be used if it contains only low levels of THC.  Because these amounts vary from state to state, it is important for collection firms and lawyers to understand local laws when they collect CBD debts. 

Collections Law 

It is important for companies owed money by debtors to hire specialized collection firms to retrieve what they are owed.  Because of the complexities of local and federal laws, it is the specialist who will best be able to work with the debtors and get them to pay back what they owe.  They may also assist in setting up payment plans for debtors who owe more than they can pay back at one time.   


Because some medical CBD users are covered partially by insurance, it is important for collection firms to reach out to the insurance companies and retrieve money owed through those insurance companies.  Collection firms may also leverage this method of collection to encourage the debtor to pay what they owe as once the insurance companies are involved the individuals may lose coverage and access to their CBD.  This may also negatively affect their credit scores and hurt future purchases.

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